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Dear Expert,

You are an expert aren’t you? You’re in the advice business right? Here is how to know. Do you make money off your expertise and the advice you give?

If you answered yes then I have a very special event for you designed to help you not only package and position your advice as a celebrity expert but to also to show you have to deliver your content profitably.

Learn how to…
  1. turn your beliefs into quotes and feeling phrases
  2. turn your quotes and feeling phrases into blogs and articles
  3. turn your blogs and articles into chapters in a book
  4. turn books into workbooks and courses
  5. turn books, workbooks and courses into documentary’s and feature films
How to Market and Truly Monetize Your Book

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This kind of content can also become power point presentations, magazine issues, television shows, membership programs and so much more.

Are you creating content? Are you capturing your stories, documenting your experiences, and scripting your belief formulas?

Are you the only source to your wisdom? What else are you doing to share yourself with the world?

My sad story…

I love helping people. I love serving people and watching them succeed. I find it very rewarding to share my talents with friends and clients alike. Why is that so sad you may ask? Because it’s a terrible way to run a business. For years I constantly sold my time, and resources which is always extremely limited. I was drained always trying to be everything to everyone.

I was one on one.

I sacrificed time with my kids and time with my wife. I made some money but the cost was high and I ended up with a job on the hamster wheel I couldn’t get off. I constantly needed another client. I was always giving away the best of myself and rarely was it appreciated or even used.

Several things changed…

First, I started writing books, recording videos, and sharing articles. Jay Conrad Levinson, (the Father of Guerrilla Marketing) my mentor, wrote a book with me where we called this the Law of Multiplication. Creating one message that could be experienced multiple ways with multiple people multiple times. You have to be one to many and this required creating content that could live on without the creator constantly having to convey the same message over and over again.

The Law of Multiplication exists through…

  1. Books
  2. Magazines
  3. Video recordings
  4. Audio recordings
  5. Articles and Blog posts
  6. Social Media Posts
  7. Speaking to a large group

You say it once to many with a megaphone far and reaching. Your message must be easy to share. It must be interactive and easy.

How to Write a Business Building Movement Making Book

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The 3 things that have made me the most for the least…
  1. Books, this raised my value, elevated my content and opened doors to speak and be featured in the media.
  2. Magazines, this built my list, allowed me to offer something of value to my clients by featuring them inside and helped me convert more sales by being more influential.
  3. Informational Products and Home Study Courses, this gave me a way to sell a “do it yourself way” to get results, allowed me to not have to be there one on one and even created a way to give something away of greater value to my high paying clients.

And this is just the top 3! Ready to learn more? Want to change your story? This event slash workshop will do all that and more. I will personally be your instructor for over half the event. Plus I am bringing you some amazing trainers who understand content development and deployment.

I done this for myself and others. Here are some examples

Love to show you what I can do for you!

See you there!

David T. Fagan

Big Book and Magazine Event!

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How to Launch and Leverage Your Own Magazine

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